Nicole De Santis - Director

Debora Rivas - Assistant Director 
Kristen Tadrous - Assistant Director 


The idea for Keep Bushwick Beautiful occurred to me as I walked my dog through the garbage and glass-strewn streets of my much loved neighborhood here in Brooklyn, NY.  Avoiding the rats parading down my block became a daily obstacle course. Instead of continuing to gripe to anyone who would listen, I decided to do something about it.

Our first neighborhood clean up was in September 2016.  Armed with a box of rubber gloves, a few trash grabbers and some garbage bags, I headed to the meeting spot wondering if anyone would show up.  My mom, my boyfriend, two enthusiastic volunteers and I set out on our first trash adventure.  Fast forward to today, we now have a thriving community of volunteers, local business partners and city agencies who help us Keep Bushwick Beautiful!

Our mission is to raise awareness about littering, clean street trash and beautify local parks. We accomplish this by hosting monthly neighborhood/park cleanups and beautification events.  

One unique twist of Keep Bushwick Beautiful is that we give volunteers free perks. We currently partner with local restaurants/bars who support our mission by providing free food and drinks for each volunteer after the event.  It’s not only an extra incentive to attend, but acts as a great way to socialize with like minded people from the neighborhood.  Check out our Partners page to see the awesome businesses we work with!

We have also been fortunate enough to have Chadwick Creative, a local creative agency, donate their talents to us and build our website, create the logo and shoot video content for us.   

Our goal moving forward is to continue creating a safe, clean environment in our community and making volunteerism fun!  

-Sarah Back, Founder