Clean Bushwick Initiative's mission is to create a safe, healthy environment in our community. We do this by raising awareness about littering, cleaning up street trash and beautifying local parks.


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“Nicole De Santis, the head of Clean Bushwick Initiative, believes that change begins on the ground. Literally.

The group, run by a group of local women, started in 2016 in response to the lack of action on the part of local politicians, businesses, and building owners to mitigate trash in the parks and on the sidewalks. Every month, barring a few lulls in wintertime, the group hosts a meetup in places like Maria Hernandez Park…”





Why We Volunteer:


"As a preschool teacher at a local school, Maria Hernandez Park is a place that I take my students every day, no matter the weather. We cherish our time there, and the health of our park is incredibly important to us. Being a part of Keep Bushwick Beautiful's community effort to keep our park and neighborhood clean, for me, has been a way to advocate for the smallest members of our community and given them a place to play in a safe, clean environment"

- Chloe Feffer


"I've always loved Bushwick, but the amount of litter and glass on the streets made it impossible to safely walk my dog. Even after limiting our walks to the park, the trash was inescapable -- I decided to take matters into my own hands! Through the monthly efforts of Keep Bushwick Beautiful, I was able to make a positive impact for dog-walkers and pedestrians alike!"

- Grant Foster